Novaĵoj el Esperantio

Projekto NESTO sendos al tiu blogo freŝajn kaj interesajn novaĵojn, kiuj alvenas al ni el Esperanta Mondo. Do, ĉiam vizitu nin.


Ebla TRIA Unesko-rezolucio favora al Esperanto

Jen la angla lingva versio de la ebla
TRIA Unesko-rezolucio favora al Esperanto

Proposal for Resolution on Esperanto for Education for Sustainable Development

The General Conference,
  • Considering that the General Conference at its 1954 session in Montevideo, by its resolution IV.1.4.422-4224, took note of the results attained by the international language Esperanto in the field of international intellectual exchange and mutual understanding among the peoples of the world, and recognized that those results corresponded with the aims and ideals of UNESCO;
  • Considering that the General Conference at its 1985 session in Sofia, by its resolution 11.11, asked the Director-General to follow with attention the development of Esperanto as a means for better understanding among different nations and cultures and invited the Member States to promote the introduction of study programs on language problems and Esperanto into their schools and higher educational institutions;
  • Noting the considerable contribution of the Esperanto movement, and especially of the Universal Esperanto Association, to the activities of UNESCO;
  • Noting the potential of the international planned language Esperanto to provide an efficient means to contribute to sustainable development and thus to quality education for all;
  • Calls attention to the fact that in the 50 years since the first resolution Esperanto has achieved enormous progress in various fields and has matured as a means of international communication, so that the time has now come to issue a new report on its progress;
  • Requests that the Director-General in collaboration with the Universal Esperanto Association and other experts deliver a report to the next General Conference on the practical applications of Esperanto in various fields of communication; on scientific studies of the language; on the state of teaching at various levels; and on the ways in which Esperanto might be more actively used in international relations and towards education in international understanding;
  • Requests UNESCO to give its auspices and to provide organizational assistance towards the preparation of such a report, and also towards carrying out experiments, whose aim will be to compare the results obtained when teaching Esperanto as compared to other foreign languages in a number of Member States on all continents. These experiments will be carried out by the Universal Esperanto Association in cooperation with local teachers and local universities within the framework of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.
informita de:
Renato Corsetti, Via del Castello, 1, IT-00036
Palestrina, Italujo


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